500mw Laser engraving toy grade DIY desktop micro laser engraving machine engraving machine 170*200mm marking


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Carving area 170*200mm
Equipment size 315MM*250MM*205MM
Laser power 500mw
Laser power supply 5V/12V
Input voltage 12V
Axis number X axis Y axis
Precision 0.1MM
Main function Multifunction
A main board The 2 axis can be raised to 3 axis
Laser head design Adjustable focal length design

Cheap desktop engraving machine, Buy Quality micro laser engraver directly from China desktop machines Suppliers: 500mw Laser engraving toy grade DIY desktop micro laser engraving machine engraving machine 170*200mm marking

USD 135.00-359.00 /piece USD 110.00-282.00 /piece USD 112.00-275.00 /piece USD 468.34 /piece USD 162.00-238.00 /piece USD 179.00 /piece USD 510.00 /piece
Number of presentation:
The number of the presentation:
Equipment size: 315MM * 250MM * 205MM (L * W * H)
Engraving area: 170MM * 200MM
Laser power: 100MW / 200MW / 300MW / 500MW / 1000MW / 1600MW / 2500MW (support for more power)
Laser Power: 5V / 12V (random switching)
Input voltage: 12V
Number of axes: X axis dual Y-axis (the instrument panel supports 3-axis)
Accuracy: 0.1MM
Main features: Low light positioning, engraving preview, gray eagle, contour carving, engraving entity
Product advantages:
Support 100MW / 200MW / 300MW / 500MW / 1000MW / 1600MW / 2500 megawatts
Our engraving machine has the following characteristics:
1. The characteristics of the laser head rapidly changing, the first 10 seconds. That is enough to buy the machine, and then select the desired head of power can be achieved by a machine.
2. Software adjusting the laser output power
3. Low light preview, location.
4. The picture import, text input, G code into sculpture
5. The text, photographs and sculpture the body contour, trouble from the editor
6. The software supports grayscale carving
7. The software features a powerful, almost no third party editing software.
I hope my explanation can help you, thank you.
Note: To avoid burns board, before shipping we will disconnect the two lines X, Y axis. According to the pro-receiving mark inserted after connecting cable.
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